About the CCA

Over the coming weeks we plan to set up the first few working groups to build out specific use cases which could leverage the ComChain. Based upon initial feedback the front runners for these will be: –

 1. Normalised CDR Records: Define the initial specification for a Normalised CDR record. Solutions such as comitFS CAS Server and Voice Recording Systems will be able to publish a Normalised CDR. Such a Normalised CDR record will ease the process for Analytics engines to consume the data and provide necessary reports.  A key focus within the group will be the creation of a common standard which will meet the upcoming MiFiD II requirements in a cost effective manner.

2. Dynamic Bridging: The ability for solution providers to dynamically bridge audio channels whilst updating ComChain records so all parties know participants on a call. This could be used for hosted voice recording solutions or Communities looking to embed voice into their services.

We are actively seeking Banks and service providers to join the ComChain’s Advanced Lab Environment. If you are interested in actively joining the ComChain and participating into one of the working groups then please do get in touch through the LinkedIn forum.

Take a look at our COmChain Video.